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Dr. Roitrman

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working alongside world-renowned Italian practitioners, collaborating with them in teaching their courses. This invaluable experience has not only enriched my own knowledge and expertise but also provided me with unique insights into the most effective teaching methods and the latest advancements in the field of endodontics.

Graduated with a degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis from the University of Pavia in Italy. What date?

From 2020 to 2021 was working as course supervisor with Fabio Gorni.

Collaborated with Sergiu Nicola, Michael Solomonov and others.

In 2022 was appointed as a Chief of Endodontics in the dental “Primo CareDent Group” which operates in Italy with more than 160 clinics.Responsible for the creation of the endodontic education program for professionals working within the group.

Currently works on the line of 3D-printed dental instruments, which are designed to make treatments faster and more efficient.

My career story

My career story

From the beginning of my career, I was facing problems that most young doctors do. I have worked in low-cost clinics with numerous challenges, such as the absence of qualified assistants, inadequate equipment, and a superficial approach that often prioritized extracting teeth and placing implants.

Issues Encountered

I was trying to find applicable solutions in the courses of other practitioners. One of the aspects that frustrated me the most is that the knowledge I was getting was quite far from day to day practise.Unfortunately many courses seemed to be tailored under the assumption that all practitioners worked in high-end clinics equipped with the most expensive technology and unlimited access to assistants.
This idealised representation of clinical practice frequently clashed with the actual experiences! In the real world, these ideal lab conditions are rare exceptions rather than norm.It can be incredibly challenging to translate the techniques and methods taught in such courses to day-to-day dental practice.

Simplifying Endodontic Education for All

As a result, I recognized the need for a more sophisticated approach to endodontic education, one that would account for the various constraints faced by practitioners across diverse practice settings.
I believe that good endodontic education should be accessible to everybody.It is a basis to any dentist, no matter what your field of specialisation is.You need to know how to perform endodontic treatment without fancy instruments or extravagant equipment. And I hope that my course will help you in doing so!

By breaking down barriers and simplifying dental education, I want to empower dental professionals to enhance their skills and become the best practitioner they can possibly be.

Do I need to download the videos to watch them?

No. All the videos are always available via on-demand streaming.

How can I pay?

You can pay via credit card and, if available, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. The payment will grant you immediate access to the content purchased.

Is it possible to purchase just one video?

No, it will be possible to purchase just a block of the course that will cover a specific topic.

Would I get a certificate?

Yes, it would be possible to get a certificate by passing the final exam.

Time required for accomplishment of the course :

What will be the format of the course?

Course is composed of video modules and live streams with the mentor where all critical questions will be addressed.Every module contains a final quiz that will help you to detect your wick points and give you directions to improve them.

Will I have a mentor?

Depending on the package you purchase.You will have a mentor whom you will be able to address with possible questions. You will be provided with constant support and guidance on any clinical case related to course content.

Who is this course designed for?

For everybody who is passionate about endodontics!Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a recent graduate, our platform is tailored to meet the needs of professionals at every stage of their career.

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